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“This is the real music - music that comes from the heart and performed with passion. Zack’s vocals and layers of instruments combine to create something both new and comfortably familiar. This is a genuine return to roots accomplishment.”

Christie Free

“In what has been an unimpressive year for new music, Zack Glass’ new cd is a welcome alternative to the assembly line pop we've heard so far. Very nice indeed. Textured, honest music. Recommended for the more discerning listener.” 

Slim Uke, Altar Call Records

"Zack was in rare form last Monday although I do miss the Brazilian standards he played from time to time afore to now. The batch of songs he is currently perfecting sound more like pre-célèbre Talking Heads, when David Byrne’s ego was a bit more fragile—more nascent RISD rockband, less post-Psycho Killer fah-fah-fah-fah-fah franchise."

Ivan Bellman & the Trash Queen


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Click On CD To Listen